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The API and real-time application framework
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interface FeathersApplication
import { type FeathersApplication } from "";

Type Parameters

ServiceTypes = any
AppSettings = any


version: string

The Feathers application version

A list of callbacks that run when a new service is registered

services: ServiceTypes

The index of all services keyed by their path.

Important: Services should always be retrieved via app.service('name') not via

settings: AppSettings

The application settings that can be used via app.get and app.set

_isSetup: boolean

A private-ish indicator if app.setup() has been called already

Contains all registered application level hooks.


get<L extends keyof AppSettings & string>(name: L): AppSettings[L]

Retrieve an application setting by name

set<L extends keyof AppSettings & string>(name: L, value: AppSettings[L]): this

Set an application setting

configure(callback: (this: this, app: this) => void): this

Runs a callback configure function with the current application instance.

defaultService(location: string): ServiceInterface<any>

Returns a fallback service instance that will be registered when no service was found. Usually throws a NotFound error but also used to instantiate client side services.

use<L extends keyof ServiceTypes & string>(
path: L,
service: keyof any extends keyof ServiceTypes ? ServiceInterface<any> | Application : ServiceTypes[L],
options?: ServiceOptions,
): this

Register a new service or a sub-app. When passed another Feathers application, all its services will be re-registered with the path prefix.

service<L extends keyof ServiceTypes & string>(path: L): FeathersService<this, keyof any extends keyof ServiceTypes ? Service<any> : ServiceTypes[L]>

Get the Feathers service instance for a path. This will be the service originally registered with Feathers functionality like hooks and events added.

setup(server?: any): Promise<this>
hooks(map: HookOptions<this, any>): this

Register application level hooks.