A collection of postprocessing utilities for flat
import * as flat from "";


CFB Library

SSF Formatter Library

Stream Utility Functions

Utility Functions

Version string


Attempts to parse data

NODE ONLY! Attempts to read filename and parse

ESM ONLY! Set internal codepage tables

ESM ONLY! Set internal fs instance

Attempts to write the workbook data

Attempts to write or download workbook data to file

Attempts to write or download workbook data to XLSX file

Attempts to write the workbook data as XLSX


AutoFilter properties

Simple Cell Address

Worksheet Cell Object

Column Properties Object

Comment element

Cell comments

Defined Name Object

Other supported properties

Link object

Page Margins -- see Excel Page Setup .. Margins diagram for explanation

Options for read and readFile

Basic File Properties

Write sheet protection properties.

Range object (representing ranges like "A1:B2")

Row Properties Object

General object representing a Sheet (worksheet or chartsheet)

NODE ONLY! these return Readable Streams

Worksheet Object with CellObject type

Workbook-Level Attributes

Workbook View

Workbook Object

Other Workbook Properties

Worksheet Object

Options for write and writeFile

General utilities

Type Aliases

Type of generated workbook

The Excel data type for a cell. b Boolean, n Number, e error, s String, d Date, z Stub

Number Format (either a string or an index to the format table)

Range specifier (string or range or cell), single-cell lifted to range

Worksheet specifier (string, number, worksheet)