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The next-gen web framework.
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import FRESH_VERSIONS from "../versions.json" with { type: "json" };
type RawTableOfContents = Record< string, { label: string; content: Record<string, RawTableOfContentsEntry>; }>;
interface RawTableOfContentsEntry { title: string; link?: string; pages?: [string, string, string?][];}
const toc: RawTableOfContents = { canary: { label: "canary", content: { "the-canary-version": { title: "The canary version", }, introduction: { title: "Introduction", link: "latest", }, "getting-started": { title: "Getting Started", link: "latest", pages: [ ["create-a-project", "Create a project", "link:latest"], ["running-locally", "Running locally", "link:latest"], ["create-a-route", "Create a route", "link:latest"], ["dynamic-routes", "Dynamic routes", "link:latest"], ["custom-handlers", "Custom handlers", "link:latest"], ["form-submissions", "Form submissions", "link:latest"], ["adding-interactivity", "Adding interactivity", "link:latest"], ["deploy-to-production", "Deploy to production", "link:latest"], ], }, concepts: { title: "Concepts", link: "latest", pages: [ ["architecture", "Architecture", "link:latest"], ["server-components", "Server Components", "link:latest"], ["routing", "Routing", "link:latest"], ["routes", "Routes", "link:latest"], ["app-wrapper", "App wrapper", "link:latest"], ["layouts", "Layouts", "link:latest"], ["forms", "Forms", "link:latest"], ["islands", "Interactive islands", "link:latest"], ["static-files", "Static files", "link:latest"], ["middleware", "Middlewares", "link:latest"], ["error-pages", "Error pages", "link:latest"], ["partials", "Partials", "link:latest"], ["data-fetching", "Data fetching", "link:latest"], ["ahead-of-time-builds", "Ahead-of-time Builds", "link:latest"], ["deployment", "Deployment", "link:latest"], ["plugins", "Plugins", "link:latest"], ["updating", "Updating Fresh", "link:latest"], ["server-configuration", "Server configuration", "link:latest"], ], }, integrations: { title: "Integrations", link: "latest", }, examples: { title: "Examples", link: "latest", pages: [ ["migrating-to-tailwind", "Migrating to Tailwind", "link:canary"], ["modifying-the-head", "Modifying the <head>", "link:latest"], ["writing-tests", "Writing tests", "link:latest"], [ "changing-the-src-dir", "Changing the source directory", "link:latest", ], ["using-twind-v1", "Using Twind v1", "link:latest"], ["init-the-server", "Initializing the server", "link:latest"], [ "using-fresh-canary-version", "Using Fresh canary version", "link:latest", ], ["dealing-with-cors", "Dealing with CORS", "link:latest"], ["creating-a-crud-api", "Creating a CRUD API", "link:latest"], ["handling-complex-routes", "Handling complex routes", "link:latest"], ["rendering-markdown", "Rendering markdown", "link:latest"], ["rendering-raw-html", "Rendering raw HTML", "link:latest"], [ "sharing-state-between-islands", "Sharing state between islands", "link:latest", ], ["using-csp", "Using CSP", "link:latest"], ["active-links", "Styling active links", "link:latest"], ], }, }, }, latest: { label: FRESH_VERSIONS[0], content: { introduction: { title: "Introduction", }, "getting-started": { title: "Getting Started", pages: [ ["create-a-project", "Create a project"], ["running-locally", "Running locally"], ["create-a-route", "Create a route"], ["dynamic-routes", "Dynamic routes"], ["custom-handlers", "Custom handlers"], ["form-submissions", "Form submissions"], ["adding-interactivity", "Adding interactivity"], ["deploy-to-production", "Deploy to production"], ], }, concepts: { title: "Concepts", pages: [ ["architecture", "Architecture"], ["server-components", "Server Components"], ["routing", "Routing"], ["routes", "Routes"], ["app-wrapper", "App wrapper"], ["layouts", "Layouts"], ["forms", "Forms"], ["islands", "Interactive islands"], ["static-files", "Static files"], ["middleware", "Middlewares"], ["error-pages", "Error pages"], ["partials", "Partials"], ["data-fetching", "Data fetching"], ["ahead-of-time-builds", "Ahead-of-time Builds"], ["deployment", "Deployment"], ["plugins", "Plugins"], ["updating", "Updating Fresh"], ["server-configuration", "Server configuration"], ], }, integrations: { title: "Integrations", }, examples: { title: "Examples", pages: [ ["migrating-to-tailwind", "Migrating to Tailwind"], ["modifying-the-head", "Modifying the <head>"], ["writing-tests", "Writing tests"], ["changing-the-src-dir", "Changing the source directory"], ["using-twind-v1", "Using Twind v1"], ["init-the-server", "Initializing the server"], ["using-fresh-canary-version", "Using Fresh canary version"], ["dealing-with-cors", "Dealing with CORS"], ["creating-a-crud-api", "Creating a CRUD API"], ["handling-complex-routes", "Handling complex routes"], ["rendering-markdown", "Rendering markdown"], ["rendering-raw-html", "Rendering raw HTML"], ["sharing-state-between-islands", "Sharing state between islands"], ["using-csp", "Using CSP"], ["active-links", "Styling active links"], [ "client-side-components-and-libraries", "Client only side components", ], ], }, }, },};
export default toc;