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The Telegram Bot Framework.
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import { InputFileProxy } from ''import { basename } from ''
export * from ''
import debug from '^4.3.1'export { debug }
const isDeno = typeof Deno !== 'undefined'
if (isDeno) { debug.useColors = () => !Deno.noColor const env = { name: 'env', variable: 'DEBUG' } as const let res = await Deno.permissions.query(env) if (res.state === 'prompt') res = await Deno.permissions.request(env) if (res.state === 'granted') { const val = Deno.env.get(env.variable) if (val) debug.enable(val) }}
// Turn an AsyncIterable<Uint8Array> into a streamexport { readableStreamFromAsyncIterator as itrToStream } from ''// Turn a file path into an AsyncIterable<Uint8Array>export const streamFile = isDeno ? (path: string) => : () => { throw new Error('Reading files by path requires a Deno environment') }
// Base configuration for `fetch` callsexport const baseFetchConfig = {}
/** This object represents the contents of a file to be uploaded. Must be posted using multipart/form-data in the usual way that files are uploaded via the browser. */export class InputFile { public readonly filename?: string /** * Constructs an `InputFile` that can be used in the API to send files. * * @param file A path to a local file or a `Buffer` or a `ReadableStream` that specifies the file data * @param filename Optional name of the file */ constructor( public readonly file: | string | Uint8Array | ReadableStream | AsyncGenerator<Uint8Array>, filename?: string ) { if (filename === undefined && typeof file === 'string') filename = basename(file) this.filename = filename }}
type GrammyTypes = InputFileProxy<InputFile>
/** Wrapper type to bundle all methods of the Telegram API */export type Telegram = GrammyTypes['Telegram']
/** Utility type providing the argument type for the given method name or `{}` if the method does not take any parameters */export type Opts< M extends keyof GrammyTypes['Telegram']> = GrammyTypes['Opts'][M]
/** This object represents the content of a media message to be sent. It should be one of- InputMediaAnimation- InputMediaDocument- InputMediaAudio- InputMediaPhoto- InputMediaVideo */export type InputMedia = GrammyTypes['InputMedia']/** Represents a photo to be sent. */export type InputMediaPhoto = GrammyTypes['InputMediaPhoto']/** Represents a video to be sent. */export type InputMediaVideo = GrammyTypes['InputMediaVideo']/** Represents an animation file (GIF or H.264/MPEG-4 AVC video without sound) to be sent. */export type InputMediaAnimation = GrammyTypes['InputMediaAnimation']/** Represents an audio file to be treated as music to be sent. */export type InputMediaAudio = GrammyTypes['InputMediaAudio']/** Represents a general file to be sent. */export type InputMediaDocument = GrammyTypes['InputMediaDocument']