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The Telegram Bot Framework.
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interface Poll
import { type Poll } from "";

This object contains information about a poll.


id: string

Unique poll identifier

question: string

Poll question, 1-300 characters

options: PollOption[]

List of poll options

total_voter_count: number

Total number of users that voted in the poll

is_closed: boolean

True, if the poll is closed

is_anonymous: boolean

True, if the poll is anonymous

type: "regular" | "quiz"

Poll type, currently can be “regular” or “quiz”

allows_multiple_answers: boolean

True, if the poll allows multiple answers

correct_option_id: number

0-based identifier of the correct answer option. Available only for polls in the quiz mode, which are closed, or was sent (not forwarded) by the bot or to the private chat with the bot.

explanation: string

Text that is shown when a user chooses an incorrect answer or taps on the lamp icon in a quiz-style poll, 0-200 characters

explanation_entities: MessageEntity[]

Special entities like usernames, URLs, bot commands, etc. that appear in the explanation

open_period: number

Amount of time in seconds the poll will be active after creation

close_date: number

Point in time (Unix timestamp) when the poll will be automatically closed