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The Telegram Bot Framework.
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namespace Update
import { Update } from "";

Internal namespace used to make some message types more accurate


Internal type holding properties that message updates in channels share.

Internal type holding properties that updates about edited messages share.

Internal type holding properties that message updates outside of channels share.

interface Update
import { type Update } from "";

This object represents an incoming update. At most one of the optional parameters can be present in any given update.


update_id: number

The update's unique identifier. Update identifiers start from a certain positive number and increase sequentially. This ID becomes especially handy if you're using webhooks, since it allows you to ignore repeated updates or to restore the correct update sequence, should they get out of order. If there are no new updates for at least a week, then identifier of the next update will be chosen randomly instead of sequentially.

message: Message & Update.NonChannel

New incoming message of any kind - text, photo, sticker, etc.

edited_message: Message & Update.Edited & Update.NonChannel

New version of a message that is known to the bot and was edited

channel_post: Message & Update.Channel

New incoming channel post of any kind - text, photo, sticker, etc.

edited_channel_post: Message & Update.Edited & Update.Channel

New version of a channel post that is known to the bot and was edited

inline_query: InlineQuery

New incoming inline query

chosen_inline_result: ChosenInlineResult

The result of an inline query that was chosen by a user and sent to their chat partner. Please see our documentation on the feedback collecting for details on how to enable these updates for your bot.

callback_query: CallbackQuery

New incoming callback query

shipping_query: ShippingQuery

New incoming shipping query. Only for invoices with flexible price

pre_checkout_query: PreCheckoutQuery

New incoming pre-checkout query. Contains full information about checkout

poll: Poll

New poll state. Bots receive only updates about stopped polls and polls, which are sent by the bot

poll_answer: PollAnswer

A user changed their answer in a non-anonymous poll. Bots receive new votes only in polls that were sent by the bot itself.

my_chat_member: ChatMemberUpdated

The bot's chat member status was updated in a chat. For private chats, this update is received only when the bot is blocked or unblocked by the user.

chat_member: ChatMemberUpdated

A chat member's status was updated in a chat. The bot must be an administrator in the chat and must explicitly specify “chat_member” in the list of allowed_updates to receive these updates.

chat_join_request: ChatJoinRequest

A request to join the chat has been sent. The bot must have the can_invite_users administrator right in the chat to receive these updates.