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class MemorySessionStorage
implements StorageAdapter<S>
import { MemorySessionStorage } from "";

The memory session storage is a built-in storage adapter that saves your session data in RAM using a regular JavaScript Map object. If you use this storage adapter, all sessions will be lost when your process terminates or restarts. Hence, you should only use it for short-lived data that is not important to persist.

This class is used as default if you do not provide a storage adapter, e.g. to your database.

This storage adapter features expiring sessions. When instantiating this class yourself, you can pass a time to live in milliseconds that will be used for each session object. If a session for a user expired, the session data will be discarded on its first read, and a fresh session object as returned by the initial option (or undefined) will be put into place.


MemorySessionStorage(timeToLive?: number)

Constructs a new memory session storage with the given time to live. Note that this storage adapter will not store your data permanently.


storage: Map<string, { session: S; expires?: number; }>

Internally used Map instance that stores the session data


delete(key: string)
has(key: string)
read(key: string)
write(key: string, value: S)