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Type declarations of the Telegram Bot API.
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interface GiveawayWinners
import { type GiveawayWinners } from "";

This object represents a message about the completion of a giveaway with public winners.


chat: Chat

The chat that created the giveaway

giveaway_message_id: number

Identifier of the message with the giveaway in the chat

winners_selection_date: number

Point in time (Unix timestamp) when winners of the giveaway were selected

winner_count: number

Total number of winners in the giveaway

winners: User[]

List of up to 100 winners of the giveaway

additional_chat_count: number

The number of other chats the user had to join in order to be eligible for the giveaway

premium_subscription_month_count: number

The number of months the Telegram Premium subscription won from the giveaway will be active for

unclaimed_prize_count: number

Number of undistributed prizes

only_new_members: true

True, if only users who had joined the chats after the giveaway started were eligible to win

was_refunded: true

True, if the giveaway was canceled because the payment for it was refunded

prize_description: string

Description of additional giveaway prize