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Type declarations of the Telegram Bot API.
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type alias InlineQueryResult
import { type InlineQueryResult } from "";

This object represents one result of an inline query. Telegram clients currently support results of the following 20 types:

  • InlineQueryResultCachedAudio
  • InlineQueryResultCachedDocument
  • InlineQueryResultCachedGif
  • InlineQueryResultCachedMpeg4Gif
  • InlineQueryResultCachedPhoto
  • InlineQueryResultCachedSticker
  • InlineQueryResultCachedVideo
  • InlineQueryResultCachedVoice
  • InlineQueryResultArticle
  • InlineQueryResultAudio
  • InlineQueryResultContact
  • InlineQueryResultGame
  • InlineQueryResultDocument
  • InlineQueryResultGif
  • InlineQueryResultLocation
  • InlineQueryResultMpeg4Gif
  • InlineQueryResultPhoto
  • InlineQueryResultVenue
  • InlineQueryResultVideo
  • InlineQueryResultVoice

Note: All URLs passed in inline query results will be available to end users and therefore must be assumed to be public.