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Type declarations of the Telegram Bot API.
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import * as grammyTypes from "";


Represents an animation file (GIF or H.264/MPEG-4 AVC video without sound) to be sent.

Represents an audio file to be treated as music to be sent.

Represents a general file to be sent.

Represents a photo to be sent.

Represents a video to be sent.

This object describes a sticker to be added to a sticker set.

Type Aliases

Wrapper type to bundle all methods of the Telegram Bot API

This object represents the content of a media message to be sent. It should be one of

  • InputMediaAnimation
  • InputMediaDocument
  • InputMediaAudio
  • InputMediaPhoto
  • InputMediaVideo

Utility type providing the argument type for the given method name or {} if the method does not take any parameters