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👻 Primitive and flexible state management for React
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- Text Length example [![Open in CodeSandbox](]( Count the length and show the uppercase of any text.- Hacker News example [![Open in CodeSandbox](]( Demonstrate a news article with Jotai, hit next to see more articles.- Todos example [![Open in CodeSandbox](]( Record your todo list by typing them into this app, check them off if you have completed the task, and switch between `Completed` and `Incompleted` to see the status of your task.- Todos example with atomFamily and localStorage [![Open in CodeSandbox](]( Implement a todo list using atomFamily and localStorage. You can store your todo list to localStorage by clicking `Save to localStorage`, then remove your todo list and try restoring them by clicking `Load from localStorage`.- Clock with Next.js [![Open in CodeSandbox](]( An UTC time electronic clock implementation using Next.js and Jotai.- Tic Tac Toe game [![Open in CodeSandbox](]( A game of tic tac toe implemented with Jotai.- React Three Fiber demo [![Open in CodeSandbox](]( A simple demo to use Jotai with react-three-fiber