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👻 Primitive and flexible state management for React
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---title: Moleculesdescription: This doc describes molecules integration.nav: 4.08keywords: molecules---
Jotai atoms provide a basic solution to optimize re-renders.Atoms defined globally can depend on other atoms,but they can't depend on props and state within a component tree.It's possible to define atoms within a component tree,but then you would need to pass those atoms in some ways(for example, [atoms-in-atom](../guides/atoms-in-atom.mdx).)
[jotai-molecules]( isa third-party library to help such use cases.
See [Motivation]( for more details.
## Install
```yarn add jotai-molecules```
## Counter Example
```jsximport { atom, useAtom } from 'jotai'import { molecule, useMolecule, createScope, ScopeProvider,} from 'jotai-molecules'
const InitialCountScope = createScope(0)const countMolecule = molecule((getMol, getScope) => { const initialCont = getScope(InitialCountScope) return atom(initialCont)})
const Counter = () => { const countAtom = useMolecule(countMolecule) const [count, setCount] = useAtom(countAtom) return ( <div> {count} <button onClick={() => setCount((c) => c + 1)}>+1</button> </div> )}
const App = () => ( <div> <h1>With initial value 1</h1> <ScopeProvider scope={InitialCountScope} value={1}> <Counter /> <Counter /> </ScopeProvider> <h1>With initial value 2</h1> <ScopeProvider scope={InitialCountScope} value={2}> <Counter /> <Counter /> </ScopeProvider> <h1>Default</h1> <Counter /> <Counter /> </div>)```
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