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👻 Primitive and flexible state management for React
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---title: Zustanddescription: This doc describes Zustand integration.nav: 4.99keywords: zustandpublished: false---
Jotai's state resides in React, but sometimes it would be niceto interact with the world outside React.
Zustand provides a store interface that can be used to hold some valuesand sync with atoms in Jotai.
This only uses the vanilla api of zustand.
## Install
You have to install `zustand` and `jotai-zustand` to use this feature.
```npm install zustand jotai-zustand# oryarn add zustand jotai-zustand```
## atomWithStore
`atomWithStore` creates a new atom with zustand store.It's two-way binding and you can change the value from both ends.
```jsximport { useAtom } from 'jotai'import { atomWithStore } from 'jotai-zustand'import create from 'zustand/vanilla'
const store = create(() => ({ count: 0 }))const stateAtom = atomWithStore(store)const Counter = () => { const [state, setState] = useAtom(stateAtom) return ( <> count: {state.count} <button onClick={() => setState((prev) => ({ ...prev, count: prev.count + 1 })) }> button </button> </> )}```
### Examples
<CodeSandbox id="mqtugt" />