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An implementation of the StorageArea interface for Deno.
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export interface Adapter { get(key: string): Promise<string | undefined>; set(key: string, value: string): Promise<void>; delete(key: string): Promise<void>; clear(): Promise<void>; keys(): AsyncIterableIterator<string>; values(): AsyncIterableIterator<string>; entries(): AsyncIterableIterator<[string, string]>; backingStore(): unknown;}
export type DBProtocol = `${string}:`;export type DB_URL = `${DBProtocol}//${string}`;export type Class<T = unknown, Arguments extends any[] = any[]> = new(...arguments_: Arguments) => T;export type AdapterParams = { area: string, url: DB_URL };export const adapters = new Map<DBProtocol, Class<Adapter, [AdapterParams]>>();