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A web interface for viewing Deno KV stores.


See docs for information on how to use kview, roadmap, and known limitations; which is also integrated into the webapp.


A current version of the Deno CLI is required to install and host kview. To install, run the following command:

deno run -A

You will be prompted for a location to install kview.

Once the installation is complete, change to the installation directory and run the following to start the kview server:

deno task start

You can also upgrade your installation to the latest version by performing:

deno task upgrade


If you do not have an upgrade task in your configuration, your installation pre-dates the capability being added and you should instead re-install the application which will then include the upgrade task.


The kitsonk/kview repository can also be cloned, though this will effectively be a development environment for kview, versus a standalone web application.

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