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A deno runtime for AWS Lambda. Deploy deno via docker, SAM, serverless, or bundle it yourself.
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#!/bin/shset -euo pipefail
## Generate zip artifacts for deno-lambda publishing.#
# populate the cache from so we use the current filesmkdir -p .deno_dir/deps/https/ mod.ts .deno_dir/deps/https/ types.d.ts .deno_dir/deps/https/ this shouldn't require a fetch to deno.landDENO_DIR=/src/runtime/.deno_dir ./bin/deno cache hello.ts
# assert the required files are going to be present in the zipls bin/deno &> /dev/null && ls bootstrap &> /dev/null && ls hello.ts &> /dev/null
cp -R .deno_dir/gen/file/$PWD/. .deno_dir/LAMBDA_TASK_ROOTzip -qq -x '.deno_dir/gen/file/*' -r .deno_dir ./bin/deno bootstrap hello.tszip -qq -x '.deno_dir/gen/file/*' -r .deno_dir hello.ts
DENO_DIR=/src/runtime/.deno_dir ./bin/deno bundle hello.ts hello.bundle.js
rm -rf .deno_dirmkdir -p .deno_dir/deps/https/ mod.ts .deno_dir/deps/https/ ./bin/deno cache lock.tscp -R .deno_dir/gen/file/$PWD/. .deno_dir/LAMBDA_TASK_ROOTzip -qq -x '.deno_dir/gen/file/*' -r .deno_dir lock.ts