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A deno runtime for AWS Lambda. Deploy deno via docker, SAM, serverless, or bundle it yourself.
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interface S3EventRecord
import { type S3EventRecord } from "";


eventVersion: string
eventSource: string
awsRegion: string
eventTime: string
eventName: string
userIdentity: { principalId: string; }
requestParameters: { sourceIPAddress: string; }
responseElements: { x-amz-request-id: string; x-amz-id-2: string; }
s3: { s3SchemaVersion: string; configurationId: string; bucket: { name: string; ownerIdentity: { principalId: string; }; arn: string; }; object: { key: string; size: number; eTag: string; versionId?: string; sequencer: string; }; }
glacierEventData: S3EventRecordGlacierEventData