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A deno runtime for AWS Lambda. Deploy deno via docker, SAM, serverless, or bundle it yourself.
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interface CodeBuildStateEventDetail
import { type CodeBuildStateEventDetail } from "";


build-status: CodeBuildStateType
project-name: string
build-id: string
current-phase: CodeBuildPhaseType
current-phase-context: string
version: string
additional-information: { cache: { type: CodeBuildCacheType; }; build-number: number; timeout-in-minutes: number; build-complete: boolean; initiator: string; build-start-time: string; source: { buildspec: string; location: string; type: CodeBuildSourceLocationType; }; source-version: string; artifact: { location: string; }; environment: { image: string; privileged-mode: boolean; image-pull-credentials-type?: CodeBuildEnvironmentPullCredentialsType; compute-type: CodeBuildEnvironmentComputeType; type: CodeBuildEnvironmentType; environment-variables: Array<{ name: string; type?: CodeBuildEnvironmentVariableType; value: string; }>; }; project-file-system-locations: []; logs: { group-name: string; stream-name: string; deep-link: string; }; phases: Array<{ phase-context?: string[]; start-time: string; end-time?: string; duration-in-seconds?: number; phase-type: CodeBuildPhaseType; phase-status?: CodeBuildPhaseStatusType; }>; queued-timeout-in-minutes: number; }