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LDkit - Linked Data for TypeScript developers.

LDkit is Linked Data query toolkit for TypeScript developers. It provides ORM-like abstraction over RDF datasources. You define the data model and then you can retrieve or update data without any extra hustle. LDkit will generate SPARQL queries, retrieves RDF data and converts them to TypeScript native types.

💣 Key Features

  • Next-generation ORM-like RDF abstraction.
  • Retrieve and update data using reusable data models.
  • Compatible with Comunica query engine (you can even write your own!).
  • 10+ popular ontologies included.
  • First class TypeScript support, best in class developer experience.
  • Runs in browser, Deno and Node.
  • …and more!

📖 Documentation

The documentation and examples are available on

🚀 Getting Started

If you are using Node, then you can install LDkit using your favourite package manager.

npm i ldkit

For Deno environment, you can import LDkit like this:

import * as ldkit from "";

Create data schema and set up RDF source

import { type Context, createLens } from "ldkit";
import { dbo, rdfs, xsd } from "ldkit/namespaces";

// Create a schema
const PersonSchema = {
  "@type": dbo.Person,
  name: rdfs.label,
  abstract: dbo.abstract,
  birthDate: {
    "@id": dbo.birthDate,
} as const;

// Create a context for query engine
const context: Context = {
  sources: [""], // SPARQL endpoint
  language: "en", // Preferred language

// Create a resource using the data schema and context above
const Persons = createLens(PersonSchema, context);

List all available data

// List all persons
const persons = await Persons.find();
for (const person of persons) {
  console.log(; // string
  console.log(person.birthDate); // Date

// Get total count of all persons
const count = await Persons.count();
console.log(count); // number

Get a particular entity

// Get a particular person identified by IRI
const ada = await Persons.findByIri("");
console.log(ada?.name); // string "Ada Lovelace"
console.log(ada?.birthDate); // Date object of 1815-12-10

Data manipulation - insert, update and delete

// Insert a new person
  $id: "",
  name: "Alan Turing",
  birthDate: new Date("1912-06-23"),

// Modify a person's name
  $id: "",
  name: "Not Alan Turing",

// Delete a person

More complex examples can be found in documentation.


MIT License

Copyright © 2021-present Karel Klima