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LDkit - Linked Data query toolkit for TypeScript developers
import * as ldkit from "";

Popular namespaces used in Linked Data, fully compatible with LDkit, offering autocompletion and type checking in IDE.

Create your own namespaces using createNamespace helper.


Example 1

import { rdf, schema } from "ldkit/namespaces";

console.log(rdf.type); // ""
console.log(schema.Person); // ""


DBpedia Ontology

Dublin Core Metadata Element Set, Version 1.1

DCMI Metadata Terms

The Friend of a Friend (FOAF) vocabulary, described using W3C RDF Schema and the Web Ontology Language.

GoodRelations Ontology

LDkit Ontology

OWL Web Ontology Language

The RDF Concepts Vocabulary (RDF)

The RDF Schema vocabulary (RDFS) vocabulary

SIOC Core Ontology Namespace

SKOS - Simple Knowledge Organization System

XML Schema Definition Language (XSD)


Creates a strongly typed container for Linked Data vocabulary to provide type safe access to all vocabulary terms as well as IDE autocompletion.

Type Aliases

Original type of namespace specification

Resulting type of namespace providing access to all terms, prefix and IRI