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Lucid is a library, which allows you to create Cardano transactions and off-chain code for your Plutus contracts in JavaScript, Deno and Node.js.
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interface Provider
import { type Provider } from "";


getProtocolParameters(): Promise<ProtocolParameters>
getUtxos(addressOrCredential: Address | Credential): Promise<UTxO[]>

Query UTxOs by address or payment credential.

getUtxosWithUnit(addressOrCredential: Address | Credential, unit: Unit): Promise<UTxO[]>

Query UTxOs by address or payment credential filtered by a specific unit.

getUtxoByUnit(unit: Unit): Promise<UTxO>

Query a UTxO by a unit. It needs to be an NFT (or optionally the entire supply in one UTxO).

getUtxosByOutRef(outRefs: Array<OutRef>): Promise<UTxO[]>

Query UTxOs by the output reference (tx hash and index).

getDelegation(rewardAddress: RewardAddress): Promise<Delegation>
getDatum(datumHash: DatumHash): Promise<Datum>
awaitTx(txHash: TxHash, checkInterval?: number): Promise<boolean>
submitTx(tx: Transaction): Promise<TxHash>