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import Prism from "../deps/prism.ts";import { merge } from "../core/utils.ts";
import type { Page, Site } from "../core.ts";import type { Element } from "../deps/dom.ts";
export interface Options { /** The list of extensions this plugin applies to */ extensions: string[];
/** The css selector to apply prism */ cssSelector: string;}
// Default optionsexport const defaults: Options = { extensions: [".html"], cssSelector: "pre code",};
/** A plugin to syntax-highlight code using the prism library */export default function (userOptions?: Partial<Options>) { const options = merge(defaults, userOptions);
return (site: Site) => { site.process(options.extensions, prism);
function prism(page: Page) { page.document!.querySelectorAll(options.cssSelector!) .forEach((element) => Prism.highlightElement(element as Element)); } };}