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import loader from "../core/loaders/text.ts";import { merge } from "../core/utils.ts";import { rehypeRaw, rehypeSanitize, rehypeStringify, remarkGfm, remarkParse, remarkRehype, unified,} from "../deps/remark.ts";
import type { Data, Engine, Helper, Site } from "../core.ts";
export interface Options { /** List of extensions this plugin applies to */ extensions: string[];
/** * List of remark plugins to use * @default `[remarkGfm]` */ remarkPlugins?: unknown[];
/** List of rehype plugins to use */ rehypePlugins?: unknown[];
/** Flag to turn on HTML sanitization to prevent XSS */ sanitize?: boolean;
/** Flag to override the default plugins */ overrideDefaultPlugins?: boolean;}
// Default optionsexport const defaults: Options = { extensions: [".md"], // By default, GitHub-flavored markdown is enabled remarkPlugins: [remarkGfm], sanitize: false,};
/** Template engine to render Markdown files with Remark */export class MarkdownEngine implements Engine { engine: unified.Processor;
constructor(engine: unified.Processor) { this.engine = engine; }
deleteCache() {}
async render( content: string, data?: Data, filename?: string, ): Promise<string> { return (await this.engine.process({ value: content, data: data?.page?.data, path: filename, })).toString(); }
renderSync(content: string, data?: Data, filename?: string): string { return this.engine.processSync({ value: content, data: data?.page?.data, path: filename, }).toString(); }
addHelper() {}}
/** Register the plugin to support Markdown */export default function (userOptions?: Partial<Options>) { const options = merge(defaults, userOptions);
return function (site: Site) { // @ts-ignore: This expression is not callable const engine = unified.unified();
const plugins = [];
// Add remark-parse to generate MDAST plugins.push(remarkParse);
if (!options.overrideDefaultPlugins) { // Add default remark plugins defaults.remarkPlugins?.forEach((defaultPlugin) => plugins.push(defaultPlugin) ); }
// Add remark plugins options.remarkPlugins?.forEach((plugin) => plugins.push(plugin));
// Add remark-rehype to generate HAST plugins.push([remarkRehype, { allowDangerousHtml: true }]);
if (options.sanitize) { // Add rehype-raw to convert raw HTML to HAST plugins.push(rehypeRaw); }
// Add rehype plugins options.rehypePlugins?.forEach((plugin) => plugins.push(plugin));
if (options.sanitize) { // Add rehype-sanitize to make sure HTML is safe plugins.push(rehypeSanitize); // Add rehype-stringify to output HTML ignoring raw HTML nodes plugins.push(rehypeStringify); } else { // Add rehype-stringify to output HTML plugins.push([rehypeStringify, { allowDangerousHtml: true }]); }
// Register all plugins // @ts-ignore: let unified take care of loading all the plugins engine.use(plugins);
// Load the pages const remarkEngine = new MarkdownEngine(engine); site.loadPages(options.extensions, loader, remarkEngine);
// Register the filter site.filter("md", filter as Helper);
function filter(content: string): string { return remarkEngine.renderSync(content).trim(); } };}