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// { minify } from "";import initWasm from "";import { read } from "../core/utils/read.ts";
// Initialize the WASM moduleconst url = "";const wasm = await read(url, true);await initWasm(wasm);
export interface Options { /** Do not minify DOCTYPEs. Minified DOCTYPEs may not be spec compliant. */ do_not_minify_doctype?: boolean;
/** Ensure all unquoted attribute values in the output do not contain any characters prohibited by the WHATWG specification. */ ensure_spec_compliant_unquoted_attribute_values?: boolean;
/** Do not omit closing tags when possible. */ keep_closing_tags?: boolean;
/** Do not omit `<html>` and `<head>` opening tags when they don't have attributes. */ keep_html_and_head_opening_tags?: boolean;
/** Keep spaces between attributes when possible to conform to HTML standards. */ keep_spaces_between_attributes?: boolean;
/** Keep all comments. */ keep_comments?: boolean;
/** Keep SSI comments. */ keep_ssi_comments?: boolean;
/** When `{{`, `{#`, or `{%` are seen in content, all source code until the subsequent matching closing `}}`, `#}`, or `%}` respectively gets piped through untouched. */ preserve_brace_template_syntax?: boolean;
/** When `<%` is seen in content, all source code until the subsequent matching closing `%>` gets piped through untouched. */ preserve_chevron_percent_template_syntax?: boolean;
/** If enabled, content in `<script>` tags with a JS or no [MIME type]( will be minified using [minify-js]( */ minify_js?: boolean;
/** If enabled, CSS in `<style>` tags and `style` attributes will be minified. */ minify_css?: boolean;
/** Remove all bangs. */ remove_bangs?: boolean;
/** Remove all processing_instructions. */ remove_processing_instructions?: boolean;}