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Lume Plugin - Inclusive Language

This plugin is inspired by the 11ty Inclusive Language plugin.


  • words: string[] - List of uninclusive language to avoid
  • search: string[] - Limit the pages checked by passing search queries.
  • padding: number - Used to show the context of the non-inclusive language is.

Example Usage

The bare minimum:


With all options:

    words: [ 'dingus', 'numbnuts', 'ur mom' ],
    search: [ 'type=post' ],
    padding: 20

To include the defaults with your own words:

import { InclusiveLanguagePlugin, defaultWords } from 'path/to/plugin';
    words: [ ...defaultWords, 'dingbat', 'loose cannon' ]


You can see the results by running deno task lume in your terminal.

I’m not against setting up actual tests, but isn’t a priority for me. If you would like to include some, open up a PR and we can talk about it :)


  • Give the code a second over (Could be preemptive)
  • Improve typing (could be preemptive)