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Mandarine Postgres

MandarineTS CI

Mandarine Postgres. A rust-based stable postgres driver for Deno


Mandarine Postgres is the main postgres driver for Mandarine Framework. Although, this driver is not dependent on Mandarine whatsoever which makes it usable for any use case in Deno.

Under the hood, this driver makes use of tokio-postgres (A rust crate for asynchronous postgres operations).

This driver is officially maintained by the core team of Mandarine framework.


To see all the available documentation of Mandarine Postgres, please Click here.

Basic Usage

import { PgManager, PgClient, Configuration, QueryResult } from "";

const configuration: Configuration = {
  host: "",
  username: "postgres",
  password: "Changeme1",
  dbname: "mandarine",
  port: 5432

const manager: PgManager = new PgManager(configuration);
const client: PgClient = manager.getClient();
const query: QueryResult = await client.query("SELECT * FROM users where id = $1", [1]);


For questions & community support, please visit our Discord Channel or join us on our twitter.

Mandarine Postgres Main Features

Connection Pooler under the hood, Queries, Execution Queries, Batch Queries, Parameterized Statements.

Want to help?

Interested in coding

In order to submit improvements to the code, open a PR and wait for it to review. We appreciate you doing this.

Not interested in coding

We would love to have you in our community, please submit an issue to provide information about a bug, feature, or improvement you would like.

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