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MandarineTS CI deno doc

MandarineTS. A minimalist, decorator-driven, MVC, typescript framework for Deno.


Mandarine is a typescript framework that runs on Deno. Mandarine is used to create scalable and reliable server-side solutions. With the use of OOP (Object-oriented programming) and the benefits of Typescript, Mandarine makes sure to give you a better coding experience not only in terms of design patterns such as Dependency Injection but in terms of readability for enterprise code.

Mandarine is divided into 4 different cores that are used to accomplish the same objective: A high-quality enterprise solution. These cores are: Core, MVC, Data & Security. The 4 different cores perform different tasks in order to bring modularity to your application.

For its MVC Core, Mandarine uses Oak under the hood as its main HTTP dispatcher.


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Basic usage

import { MandarineCore, Controller, GET } from ""; 

export class Boo {
    public helloWorld(): string {
        return "Hello World";


new MandarineCore().MVC().run();

# request => http://localhost:4444/api/hello-world => Hello World


For questions & community support, please visit our Discord Channel or join us on our twitter.

MandarineTS Main features

Built-in Dependency Injection Framework, Components, Routes, Middleware, Sessions, built-in ORM, MQL (Mandarine Query Language), Template Engine, built-in authentication

Want to help?

Interested in coding

In order to submit improvements to the code, open a PR and wait for it to review. We appreciate you doing this.

Not interested in coding

We would love to have you in our community, please submit an issue to provide information about a bug, feature, or improvement you would like.

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