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A middleware framework for handling HTTP with Deno 🐿️ 🦕
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import * as oak from "";


A variable-sized buffer of bytes with read() and write() methods.

BufWriter implements buffering for an deno.Writer object. If an error occurs writing to a Writer, no more data will be accepted and all subsequent writes, and flush(), will return the error. After all data has been written, the client should call the flush() method to guarantee all data has been forwarded to the underlying deno.Writer.

Reader utility for strings.

Writer utility for buffering string chunks.


Make an assertion, error will be thrown if expr does not have truthy value.

Make an assertion that actual and expected are equal, deeply. If not deeply equal, then throw.

Make an assertion that obj is an instance of type. If not then throw.

Executes a function which returns a promise, expecting it to reject.

Make an assertion that actual and expected are strictly equal. If not then throw.

Executes a function, expecting it to throw. If it does not, then it throws.

Use this to assert unreachable code.

Synchronously write all the content of the array buffer (arr) to the writer (w).