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A middleware framework for handling HTTP with Deno 🐿️ 🦕
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// Copyright 2018-2022 the oak authors. All rights reserved. MIT license.
// This file contains the external dependencies that oak depends upon
// `std` dependencies
export { type Deferred, deferred,} from "";export { concat, copy as copyBytes, equals,} from "";export { timingSafeEqual } from "";export { KeyStack } from "";export * as base64 from "";export { mergeHeaders, SecureCookieMap, type SecureCookieMapGetOptions, type SecureCookieMapSetDeleteOptions,} from "";export { createHttpError, errors, HttpError, isHttpError,} from "";export { Status, STATUS_TEXT,} from "";export { calculate, type ETagOptions, type FileInfo, ifMatch, ifNoneMatch,} from "";export { accepts, acceptsEncodings, acceptsLanguages,} from "";export { ServerSentEvent, type ServerSentEventInit, ServerSentEventStreamTarget, type ServerSentEventTarget, type ServerSentEventTargetOptions,} from "";export { LimitedReader } from "";export { contentType, extension, typeByExtension,} from "";export { readAll, readerFromStreamReader, writeAll,} from "";export { basename, extname, isAbsolute, join, normalize, parse, sep,} from "";
// 3rd party dependencies
export { compile, type Key, match as pathMatch, parse as pathParse, type ParseOptions, pathToRegexp, type TokensToRegexpOptions,} from "";