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Deno build of the official Typescript library for the OpenAI API.
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namespace ChatCompletion
import { ChatCompletion } from "";
interface ChatCompletion
import { type ChatCompletion } from "";

Represents a chat completion response returned by model, based on the provided input.


id: string

A unique identifier for the chat completion.

choices: Array<ChatCompletion.Choice>

A list of chat completion choices. Can be more than one if n is greater than 1.

created: number

The Unix timestamp (in seconds) of when the chat completion was created.

model: string

The model used for the chat completion.

object: "chat.completion"

The object type, which is always chat.completion.

system_fingerprint: string

This fingerprint represents the backend configuration that the model runs with.

Can be used in conjunction with the seed request parameter to understand when backend changes have been made that might impact determinism.

usage: CompletionsAPI.CompletionUsage

Usage statistics for the completion request.