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📦 Zero-config web application packager in Deno
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test: deno run -A before_testing.ts deno test --unstable -A --coverage=coverage cov: deno coverage coverage --lcov > coverage/ genhtml -o coverage/html coverage/ fmt: deno fmt *.ts *.md examples lint: deno lint esbuild.wasm: wget esbuild_wasm.js: esbuild.wasm deno run -A make_esbuild_wasm.js ex-build: deno run --unstable -A cli.ts build examples/simple/index.html ex-serve: deno run --unstable -A cli.ts serve examples/simple/index.html ex-serve1: deno run --unstable -A cli.ts serve examples/with-simple-assets/index.html ex2: deno run --unstable -A cli.ts serve examples/with-imports/index.html ex2-build: deno run --unstable -A cli.ts build examples/with-imports/index.html ex2-swc: deno run --unstable -A cli.ts serve examples/with-imports/index.html --bundler swc