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📦 Zero-config web application packager in Deno
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import { createHash, Document, Element, fromFileUrl } from "./deps.ts";
export const decoder = new TextDecoder();export const encoder = new TextEncoder();
export function md5(data: string | ArrayBuffer): string { const hash = createHash("md5"); hash.update(data); return hash.toString();}
export async function getDependencies(path: string): Promise<string[]> { const p ={ cmd: [Deno.execPath(), "info", "--json", path], stdout: "piped", stderr: "piped", }); const [status, output, stderrOutput] = await Promise.all([ p.status(), p.output(), p.stderrOutput(), ]); if (status.code !== 0) { throw new Error(decoder.decode(stderrOutput)); } const denoInfo = JSON.parse(decoder.decode(output)) as DenoInfo; p.close(); return => m.specifier);}
export async function getLocalDependencies(path: string): Promise<string[]> { return (await getDependencies(path)).filter((s) => s.startsWith("file:"));}
export async function getLocalDependencyPaths(path: string): Promise<string[]> { return (await getLocalDependencies(path)).map(fromFileUrl);}
type Dependency = { specifier: string; isDynamic: boolean; code: string;};
type Module = { specifier: string; dependencies: Dependency[]; size: number; mediaType: string; local: string; checksum: string; emit: string;};
type DenoInfo = { root: string; modules: Module[]; size: number;};
/** * querySelectorAll wrapper */export function* qs( doc: Document, query: string,): Generator<Element, void, void> { for (const node of doc.querySelectorAll(query)) { // deno-lint-ignore no-explicit-any yield node as any as Element; }}