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📦 Zero-config web application packager in Deno
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Getting started

Let’s get started with packup!


You need Deno (>=1.10.3) installed.

You can install packup with the following command.

deno install -qAf

Then you’ll have packup installed.

$ packup -v
packup v0.2.2

Basic Usage

Let’s start making your first web page with packup.

First create an html file. This will be the entrypoint of your site.

    <script src="./main.ts"></script>
    <h1>Hi from packup!</h1>

And create main.ts.

const name: string = "packup";
console.log(`hello ${name}`);

This is TypeScript. Packup automatically compile this into JavaScript for you!

Then execute the command:

packup index.html

This starts the development server at http://localhost:1234, and you’ll see the above html, and compiled javascript loaded into it. This server automatically reloads the page as you modify the contents of the page.

When finished editing of the web site, you hit the command:

packup build index.html

This command bundles the assets and copies the results into dist/ directory (The output directory can be configured by --dist-dir option). The contents of this directory works as a static web site. You can deploy them into any static file hosting service.