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Plugin management library featuring automatic caching of local and remote binaries, cross-platform automatic url guessing, deno_plugin_prepare backwards compatibility and pretty deno-like logging when caching and downloading binaries.

⚠️ Plugins in deno are unstable and undergoing BREAKING CHANGES. This library aims to follow changes to deno as closly as possible.

import { Plug } from "";

// Backwards compatibility with deno-plugin-prepare
const options: Plug.Options = {
  name: "test_plugin",
  urls: {
    darwin: ``,
    windows: ``,
    linux: ``,

// Or if you want plug to guess your binary names
const options: Plug.Options = {
  name: "test_plugin",
  url: "",
  // Becomes:
  // darwin: ""
  // windows: ""
  // linux: ""

const rid = await Plug.prepare(options);

const response = Plug.core.opSync<string>(
  { val: "1" },
  new Uint8Array([116, 101, 115, 116]),



Pull request, issues and feedback are very welcome. Code style is formatted with deno fmt and commit messages are done following Conventional Commits spec.


Copyright 2020-2021, the denosaurs team. All rights reserved. MIT license.