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🔌 Deno FFI helper module
import * as plug from "";

This module contains the common types used in plug.


Options for controlling how plug caches files

Options for fetching cross-platform urls.

Options used for automatically assembling an os and arch specific file name

Options for using a single url as the source for either creating a named url or using it simply as is if the platforms extension is specified or no name is specified.

Type Aliases

A record keyed by possible system architecture identifiers

Where the plug cache is stored:

A setting that determines how the cache is handled for remote dependencies.

Options for fetching files (usually being dynamic libraries, but could possibly also be other dependencies) using plug. This can be either a string or an URL. All urls in plug can be either local or remote. If it is not an string or URL it can be some combination of the following options:

An optionally nested record of either an OsRecord or ArchRecord containing either the generic T or the opposite record type from the parent. That way we can query for the record entry of a target keyed by both an architecture and operating system in the ordered entered in this record.

A record keyed by possible operating system identifiers