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PostgreSQL driver for Deno
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import type { Notice } from "../connection/message.ts";
export class ConnectionError extends Error { constructor(message?: string) { super(message); = "ConnectionError"; }}
export class ConnectionParamsError extends Error { constructor(message: string) { super(message); = "ConnectionParamsError"; }}
export class PostgresError extends Error { public fields: Notice;
constructor(fields: Notice) { super(fields.message); this.fields = fields; = "PostgresError"; }}
// TODO// Use error cause once it's added to JavaScriptexport class TransactionError extends Error { constructor( transaction_name: string, public cause: PostgresError, ) { super( `The transaction "${transaction_name}" has been aborted due to \`${cause}\`. Check the "cause" property to get more details`, ); = "TransactionError"; }}