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PostgreSQL driver for Deno
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import { Oid } from "./oid.ts";import { decodeBigint, decodeBigintArray, decodeBoolean, decodeBooleanArray, decodeBox, decodeBoxArray, decodeBytea, decodeByteaArray, decodeCircle, decodeCircleArray, decodeDate, decodeDateArray, decodeDatetime, decodeDatetimeArray, decodeInt, decodeIntArray, decodeJson, decodeJsonArray, decodeLine, decodeLineArray, decodeLineSegment, decodeLineSegmentArray, decodePath, decodePathArray, decodePoint, decodePointArray, decodePolygon, decodePolygonArray, decodeStringArray, decodeTid, decodeTidArray,} from "./decoders.ts";
export class Column { constructor( public name: string, public tableOid: number, public index: number, public typeOid: number, public columnLength: number, public typeModifier: number, public format: Format, ) {}}
enum Format { TEXT = 0, BINARY = 1,}
const decoder = new TextDecoder();
// TODO// Decode binary fieldsfunction decodeBinary() { throw new Error("Not implemented!");}
// deno-lint-ignore no-explicit-anyfunction decodeText(value: Uint8Array, typeOid: number): any { const strValue = decoder.decode(value);
switch (typeOid) { case Oid.bpchar: case Oid.char: case Oid.cidr: case Oid.float4: case Oid.float8: case Oid.inet: case Oid.macaddr: case case Oid.numeric: case Oid.oid: case Oid.regclass: case Oid.regconfig: case Oid.regdictionary: case Oid.regnamespace: case Oid.regoper: case Oid.regoperator: case Oid.regproc: case Oid.regprocedure: case Oid.regrole: case Oid.regtype: case Oid.text: case Oid.time: case Oid.timetz: case Oid.uuid: case Oid.varchar: case Oid.void: return strValue; case Oid.bpchar_array: case Oid.char_array: case Oid.cidr_array: case Oid.float4_array: case Oid.float8_array: case Oid.inet_array: case Oid.macaddr_array: case Oid.name_array: case Oid.numeric_array: case Oid.oid_array: case Oid.regclass_array: case Oid.regconfig_array: case Oid.regdictionary_array: case Oid.regnamespace_array: case Oid.regoper_array: case Oid.regoperator_array: case Oid.regproc_array: case Oid.regprocedure_array: case Oid.regrole_array: case Oid.regtype_array: case Oid.text_array: case Oid.time_array: case Oid.timetz_array: case Oid.uuid_array: case Oid.varchar_array: return decodeStringArray(strValue); case Oid.int2: case Oid.int4: case Oid.xid: return decodeInt(strValue); case Oid.int2_array: case Oid.int4_array: case Oid.xid_array: return decodeIntArray(strValue); case Oid.bool: return decodeBoolean(strValue); case Oid.bool_array: return decodeBooleanArray(strValue); case return decodeBox(strValue); case Oid.box_array: return decodeBoxArray(strValue); case return decodeCircle(strValue); case Oid.circle_array: return decodeCircleArray(strValue); case Oid.bytea: return decodeBytea(strValue); case Oid.byte_array: return decodeByteaArray(strValue); case return decodeDate(strValue); case Oid.date_array: return decodeDateArray(strValue); case Oid.int8: return decodeBigint(strValue); case Oid.int8_array: return decodeBigintArray(strValue); case Oid.json: case Oid.jsonb: return decodeJson(strValue); case Oid.json_array: case Oid.jsonb_array: return decodeJsonArray(strValue); case Oid.line: return decodeLine(strValue); case Oid.line_array: return decodeLineArray(strValue); case Oid.lseg: return decodeLineSegment(strValue); case Oid.lseg_array: return decodeLineSegmentArray(strValue); case Oid.path: return decodePath(strValue); case Oid.path_array: return decodePathArray(strValue); case Oid.point: return decodePoint(strValue); case Oid.point_array: return decodePointArray(strValue); case Oid.polygon: return decodePolygon(strValue); case Oid.polygon_array: return decodePolygonArray(strValue); case Oid.tid: return decodeTid(strValue); case Oid.tid_array: return decodeTidArray(strValue); case Oid.timestamp: case Oid.timestamptz: return decodeDatetime(strValue); case Oid.timestamp_array: case Oid.timestamptz_array: return decodeDatetimeArray(strValue); default: // A separate category for not handled values // They might or might not be represented correctly as strings, // returning them to the user as raw strings allows them to parse // them as they see fit return strValue; }}
export function decode(value: Uint8Array, column: Column) { if (column.format === Format.BINARY) { return decodeBinary(); } else if (column.format === Format.TEXT) { return decodeText(value, column.typeOid); } else { throw new Error(`Unknown column format: ${column.format}`); }}