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PostgreSQL driver for Deno
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import * as postgres from "";


encode and decode for base64 encoding.

Utilities for dealing with Date objects.

Port of the Go encoding/hex library.


BufReader implements buffering for a Reader object.

BufWriter implements buffering for an deno.Writer object. If an error occurs writing to a Writer, no more data will be accepted and all subsequent writes, and flush(), will return the error. After all data has been written, the client should call the flush() method to guarantee all data has been forwarded to the underlying deno.Writer.


An wrapper for WebCrypto adding support for additional non-standard algorithms, but delegating to the runtime WebCrypto implementation whenever possible.


Decodes a given RFC4648 base64 encoded string

CREDIT: Encodes a given Uint8Array, ArrayBuffer or string into RFC4648 base64 representation

Make the text bold.

Copy bytes from the src array to the dst array. Returns the number of bytes copied.

Get number of the day in the year

Calculate difference between two dates.

Format date using format string

Parse date from string using format string

Parse a date to return a IMF formatted string date RFC: IMF is the time format to use when generating times in HTTP headers. The time being formatted must be in UTC for Format to generate the correct format.

Get number of the week in the year (ISO-8601)

Creates a Promise with the reject and resolve functions placed as methods on the promise object itself. It allows you to do:

Decodes src into src.length / 2 bytes. If the input is malformed, an error will be thrown.

Encodes src into src.length * 2 bytes.

Set text color to yellow.