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PostgreSQL driver for Deno
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import * as postgres from "";


Clients allow you to communicate with your PostgreSQL database and execute SQL statements asynchronously

A connection error

Connection pools are a powerful resource to execute parallel queries and save up time in connection initialization. It is highly recommended that all applications that require concurrent access use a pool to communicate with their PostgreSQL database

A client used specifically by a connection pool

A Postgres database error

This class is used to handle the result of a query that returns an array


An abstract class used to define common database client properties and methods

This class is used to handle the result of a query that returns an object

This class is used to handle the result of a query

Class to describe a row

A savepoint is a point in a transaction that you can roll back to

A transaction class

A transaction error


Type of a query result


A map of OidType to OidValue.

A map of OidValue to OidType. Used to decode values and avoid search iteration.


Additional granular database connection options

The notice interface defining the fields of a notice message

Options to control the behavior of a Query instance

Types of options

The Session representing the current state of the connection

The Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol options to be used by the database connection

Type Aliases

The Client database connection options

Type of query to be executed

The connection string must match the following URI structure. All parameters but database and user are optional

A dictionary of functions used to decode (parse) column field values from string to a custom type. These functions will take precedence over the DecodeStrategy. Each key in the dictionary is the column OID type number or Oid type name, and the value is the decoder function.

The strategy to use when decoding results data

The isolation level of a transaction to control how we determine the data integrity between transactions

A Postgres Object identifiers (OIDs) type name.

A Postgres Object identifiers (OIDs) numeric value.

Types of arguments passed to a query

Type of the transaction options