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PostgreSQL driver for Deno
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import { crypto, hex } from "../deps.ts";
const encoder = new TextEncoder();
async function md5(bytes: Uint8Array): Promise<string> { return hex.encodeHex(await crypto.subtle.digest("MD5", bytes));}
// AuthenticationMD5Password// The actual PasswordMessage can be computed in SQL as:// concat('md5', md5(concat(md5(concat(password, username)), random-salt))).// (Keep in mind the md5() function returns its result as a hex string.)export async function hashMd5Password( password: string, username: string, salt: Uint8Array,): Promise<string> { const innerHash = await md5(encoder.encode(password + username)); const innerBytes = encoder.encode(innerHash); const outerBuffer = new Uint8Array(innerBytes.length + salt.length); outerBuffer.set(innerBytes); outerBuffer.set(salt, innerBytes.length); const outerHash = await md5(outerBuffer); return "md5" + outerHash;}