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PostgreSQL driver for Deno
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import type { Message } from "./connection.ts";
export interface WarningFields { severity: string; code: string; message: string; detail?: string; hint?: string; position?: string; internalPosition?: string; internalQuery?: string; where?: string; schema?: string; table?: string; column?: string; dataType?: string; constraint?: string; file?: string; line?: string; routine?: string;}
export class PostgresError extends Error { public fields: WarningFields;
constructor(fields: WarningFields) { super(fields.message); this.fields = fields; = "PostgresError"; }}
export function parseError(msg: Message): PostgresError { return new PostgresError(parseWarning(msg));}
export function parseNotice(msg: Message): WarningFields { return parseWarning(msg);}
/** * * */function parseWarning(msg: Message): WarningFields { // // deno-lint-ignore no-explicit-any const errorFields: any = {};
let byte: number; let char: string; let errorMsg: string;
while ((byte = msg.reader.readByte())) { char = String.fromCharCode(byte); errorMsg = msg.reader.readCString();
switch (char) { case "S": errorFields.severity = errorMsg; break; case "C": errorFields.code = errorMsg; break; case "M": errorFields.message = errorMsg; break; case "D": errorFields.detail = errorMsg; break; case "H": errorFields.hint = errorMsg; break; case "P": errorFields.position = errorMsg; break; case "p": errorFields.internalPosition = errorMsg; break; case "q": errorFields.internalQuery = errorMsg; break; case "W": errorFields.where = errorMsg; break; case "s": errorFields.schema = errorMsg; break; case "t": errorFields.table = errorMsg; break; case "c": errorFields.column = errorMsg; break; case "d": errorFields.dataTypeName = errorMsg; break; case "n": errorFields.constraint = errorMsg; break; case "F": errorFields.file = errorMsg; break; case "L": errorFields.line = errorMsg; break; case "R": errorFields.routine = errorMsg; break; default: // from Postgres docs // > Since more field types might be added in future, // > frontends should silently ignore fields of unrecognized type. break; } }
return errorFields;}