Welcome to Ptero!!

There is currently no end-to-end solution to accelerate and monitor Deno built APIs. Ptero is a Deno built middleware application that allows API owners to get user information from their API as well as adding a Redis caching system to the API.

There are two parts to this application Ptero, the actual Deno module that one would load into their project and PteroView desktop app to view the logged statistics.


PteroView is a Electron application that will allow the API host to to manage all the logs to the server and visualize their metrics in variety of ways. For more information about the metrics, please refer to the document in (PteroView)[Client/README.md]

To Get Started:

  • cd Client
  • npm install

Ptero - Server Side

Ptero allows data

To Get Started:

If you have not already installed or updated Deno:


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