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helps manage and harmonise READMEs in many repositories with template files
import * as readmeManager from "";



Bootstrap template files in a specified directory. Creates the required files for readme-manager.

Check if a given path exists on the filesystem. Returns a boolean or an error if something goes terribly wrong.

Cli running mode

Error handler. Used log information to console and write to file then exit app.

Example footer template.

Get the app configuration directory.

Get the app configuration file path.

Get the app log file path.

Attempt to find the current git branch. Silently fails.

Attempt to find the current git commit sha. Silently fails.

Attempt to find the repository remote url. Silently fails.

Attempt to find the current repos git tag. Silently fails.

Get the user configuration directory.

Example header template.

Prints the available commands.

The main readme-manager module.

Base template used to include other. Allow javascript and async function calls.

Template rendering function. Uses Eta under the hood.

Run a shell command.

Setup logic. Will create a configuration file with the prompted information. Will also run the template bootstrapping logic.

Setup different loggers used by the application. The default one hides debugs and detailed error messages. The debug one shows everything. The file error one is used in default mode to write error details to file but hide them in console.