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🦕 Redis client for Deno 🍕
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import * as redis from "";


Connect to Redis server

Create a redis client from CommandExecutor

Create a lazy Redis client that will not establish a connection until a command is actually executed.

Extract RedisConnectOptions from redis URL


Used in the XPENDING command, all three of these args must be specified if any are specified.

Child of XINFO STREAMS FULL response

Child of the return type for xinfo_stream_full

A consumer parsed from xinfo command.

Represents a pending message parsed from xpending.

Type Aliases

ID input type for XADD, which is allowed to include the "*" operator.

Allow special $ ID for XGROUP CREATE

ID input type for XGROUPREAD, which is allowed to include the ">" operator. We include an array format for ease of use, where the first element is the epochMillis, second is seqNo.

Flexible input type for commands which require message ID to be passed (represented in lower-level Redis API as "1000-0" etc).

Allows special minimum ID for XRANGE and XREVRANGE

Allows special maximum ID for XRANGE and XREVRANGE

Response to XINFO GROUPS