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🌱 release_up

Automate semver releases in Deno 🦕

A fork of release, by denosaurs, with more config options


$ deno install -A -f --no-check -n release_up https://deno.land/x/release_up@0.5.0/cli.ts


  Usage:   release_up <release_type> [name]
  Version: 0.5.0

    Automate semver releases.
    Example: release_up major --github

    Release type:
      * patch             eg: 1.2.3 -> 1.2.4
      * minor             eg: 1.2.3 -> 1.3.0
      * major             eg: 1.2.3 -> 2.0.0
      * prepatch <name>   eg: 1.2.3 -> 1.2.4-name.0
      * preminor <name>   eg: 1.2.3 -> 1.3.0-name.0
      * premajor <name>   eg: 1.2.3 -> 2.0.0-name.0
      * prerelease <name> eg: 1.2.3-name.0 -> 1.2.3-name.1


    -h, --help                          - Show this help.
    -V, --version                       - Show the version number for this program.
    --config            <confi_path>    - Define the path of the config. (Default: ".release_up.json")
    --github                            - Enable Github plugin.
    --changelog                         - Enable Changelog plugin.
    --versionFile                       - Enable VersionFile plugin.
    --regex             <pattern>  - Enable Regex plugin. The regex need to be provided as string.
    --dry                               - Dry run, Does not commit any changes.
    --allowUncommitted                  - Allow uncommited change in the repo.
    --debug                             - Enable debug logging.


release_up supports local and remote plugins. By default, plugins are NOT enabled. To enable them, either

  • Use a cli flag
  • Create a .release_up.json file that has a key matching the plugin. Example of configuration.
// .release_up.json
  "changelog": {},
  "github": {
    "release": true
  "regex": {
    "patterns": [
  "versionFile": {},
  "myRemotePlugin": {
    "path": "./plugins/testRemote/mod.ts"

Baked-in plugins

  • github: Create a release on Github.
  • changelog: Create a changelog based on filtered commits.
  • regex: Apply a regex on README.md
  • versionFile: Create a version.json file with the new version number.

Remote plugins

Plugins can also be defined externally. In that case they must have a "path" property in their config. The path can be either a local path or http(s) path.

A plugin must contain a default export with the signature defined at ./plugins.ts


release_up uses dotenv to load environment variables. For example for interactiong with Github, set a .env file with the below

GITHUB_TOKEN=<my secret token>



Big Credits to denosaurs. This project is a fork of release. The current core features have been implemented by it.


this project is inspired by node project release-it


Pull request, issues and feedback are very welcome. Code style is formatted with deno fmt.