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import { Context, ContextOptions } from './std/wasi.ts'import preopens from './preopens.ts'
/** Partial `Deno`-like APIs */export type DenoAPIs = Readonly< Pick< typeof Deno, | 'args' | 'env' | 'stdin' | 'stdout' | 'stderr' >>
/** * Name of the environment variable that forces `preopens`. * It uses `PATH`-like syntax. */export const PREOPENS_ENV_NAME = 'SANE_FMT_DENO_PREOPENS'
/** * Create an object of options necessary to create a wasi `Context` * @param Deno Necessary `Deno`-like APIs * @returns An object of options */export const createContextOptions = async (Deno: DenoAPIs): Promise<ContextOptions> => ({ args: ['sane-fmt', ...Deno.args], env: Deno.env.toObject(), stdin: Deno.stdin.rid, stdout: Deno.stdout.rid, stderr: Deno.stderr.rid, exitOnReturn: true, preopens: await preopens(Deno.args, Deno.env.get(PREOPENS_ENV_NAME)),})
/** * Create a wasi `Context` whose `exports` can be imported by * the `sane-fmt` program * @returns */export const createContext = async () => new Context(await createContextOptions(Deno))
export default createContext