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Note As of Deno v1.25 it is possible to import the Sentry SDK for Node directly into Deno using npm URLs, e.g. `import * as Sentry from ‘npm:@sentry/node’. Therefore I have deprecated this module. You are still welcome to use it, but I will no longer update it.


This is an unofficial port of the Sentry SDK (@sentry/browser) to Deno.

import * as Sentry from "";
import * as log from "";

  dsn: "<your-sentry-dsn-here>",
  tracesSampleRate: 1.0,

async function testEvent() {"Sending test event to Sentry.");

  try {
    throw new Error("Nope.");
  } catch (e) {
    // Sentry.captureMessage("Gotcha!");
    await Sentry.flush();

await testEvent();

Sentry Docs

Note: Some code in this repository may not yet pass type-checking. Running this module with deno run --check may not always succeed.