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Deno module to generate images from source code using Aloxaf/silicon.


Please refer silicon’s dependencies

Support Version

deno-silicon Deno
v0.0.2 v1.24.3 or earlier
v0.0.3 ~ v1.25.0 or later
v0.0.5 ~ v1.32.4 or later


You can call generateImage(code, language, options) to generates image from source code.

const code = `package main

import {

func main() {
    fmt.Println("Hello World")

const r = await generateImage(code, "go", { theme: "Dracula" });
await Deno.writeFile("out.png", await readAll(r));

code and language are required; options is optional.
The options conform to silicon options, see silicon help for details.