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Deno module to generate images from source code using Aloxaf/silicon.
function isTupleOf
import { isTupleOf } from "";

Return a type predicate function that returns true if the type of x is TupleOf<T>.

import is from "./is.ts";

const predTup = [is.Number, is.String, is.Boolean] as const;
const a: unknown = [0, "a", true];
if (is.TupleOf(predTup)(a)) {
 // a is narrowed to [number, string, boolean]
 const _: readonly [number, string, boolean] = a;

Note that predTup must be readonly (as const) to infer the type of a correctly. TypeScript won't argues if predTup is not readonly because of its design limitation.

Type Parameters

T extends readonly Predicate<unknown>[]


predTup: T