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Super-agent driven library for testing Deno HTTP servers.
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.PHONY: build ci deps doc fmt fmt-check lint precommit test typedoc FILES_TO_FORMAT = ./src ./test ./deps.ts ./mod.ts ./version.ts build: @deno run --reload mod.ts ci: @make fmt-check @make lint @make build @make test deps: @npm install -g typescript typedoc@0.19.2 doc: @deno doc ./mod.ts fmt: @deno fmt ${FILES_TO_FORMAT} fmt-check: @deno fmt --check ${FILES_TO_FORMAT} lint: @deno lint --unstable ${FILES_TO_FORMAT} precommit: @make typedoc @make fmt @make fmt test: @deno test --allow-net --allow-read --allow-env --no-check --doc @deno test --allow-net --allow-read --allow-env --no-check --doc --unstable typedoc: @rm -rf docs @typedoc --ignoreCompilerErrors --out ./docs --mode modules --includeDeclarations --excludeExternals --name superdeno ./src @make fmt @make fmt @echo 'future: true\nencoding: "UTF-8"\ninclude:\n - "_*_.html"\n - "_*_.*.html"' > ./docs/_config.yaml